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« When we look at an artist’s finished work, we often wonder what was the source that was able to generate this energy and animate this creation​.​
And we think to decipher an intended message, and locate the seed of original inspiration that compelled the artist to make that work.
Using “mindsight”, a viewer looks to know what the artist was thinking, and what they meant to evoke–presuming they had a foundational idea first and the ability to execute it second. But when observing and photographing Elliott Green in his studio I saw something very different: I saw the steadily flowing movement of streaming intuition.
Tens of thousands of micro-decisions, revisioning additions, wipe-aways and overlays. His contact with the canvas is responsive–like a good and thoughtful conversation, where listening is well balanced with telling.
His gestures are a series of responses to what his paintings seem to ask for, as they actively change shape, until they happen to be finished.

In October 2017, my camera and I spent three days with Elliott Green in his studio, and what I understood much better by the end of that time is that he has a deep empathy for h​is paintings, and he nurtures their individual destinies with transfer-of-touch, steady attention and perpetual invention.
It was a privilege to have captured these ephemeral moments rich in creative activity. »

— Céline Basset